Coronavirus Support

Hullbridge Design and Print are offering a few ideas to help get businesses back to work in these worrying times.

All items listed below (except A-Boards) are pre-designed items requiring no artwork set-up.

To make things easier, all items come with delivery included via courier so no extra worries involved.

Just order on-line or drop us an email or phone call.

Face Shields / Visors

Cover your entire face comfortably.

8.75 x 13 inches.

Durable plastic.

Adjustable, elastic head strap.

Note: These face shields are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE). Do not use them in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas.

Coronavirus Posters - A4 / A3 / A2

Our A2, A3 and A4 Posters printed on 170gsm silk will ensure to spread awareness about this pandemic and will help people to follow the preventive measures, whilst also knowing what to do if further action is needed, for instance, handwash instructions or social distancing rules.

3 Styles to choose from.

Style 1Style 2

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Help people maintain social distancing. Printed on anti-slip vinyl and suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

These 300x300mm circular floor stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl and are covered with a 125gsm anti-slip laminate. This means that even in the rain, the vinyl will not become slippery and the print will not degrade. They will last for up to 3 years outdoors and are supplied with a self-adhesive backing for easy application. Ensure your surface is clean and dry prior to application. Simply peel off the backing and it will adhere to your chosen surface. You can use a squeegee to ensure an even finish.

No need for artwork, just choose from the 3 styles below.

Style 1Style 2

Classic A-Frame  (A1 or A2)

Metal A-Frame signs. An ideal way to get messages across before staff and customers enter the building.

Available in 2 frame sizes to take A2 or A1 posters (Supplied).

These are easily inserted into the A-frame via a front-loading double-sided snap frame. The galvanised steel backing makes it sturdy, durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. - 1 style shown available free or supply custom artwork for this item.  

Classic A-Frame - A2

£ 67.00

Classic A-Frame - A1

£ 99.00

Bollard Covers - Correx Board

Another ideal way to let customers know your Coronavirus rules and guidelines or just info about your business.

These 3 sided cover are made from 3.5mm Correx board and are pre-creased. Supplied with glue-free fastening tabs to make fitting easy.

Each panel is 360mm wide.

Custom artwork is required or this item. Please contact us for more information on set-up or artwork prices.

£ 175.00

50 Face Shields / Visors

£ 140.00

40 Face Shields / Visors

£ 105.00

30 Face Shields / Visors

10 Face Shields / Visors

£ 42.00

20 Face Shields / Visors

£ 70.00

£ 25.20

10 A2 Posters

£ 18.20

5 A2 Posters

£ 12.60

1 A2 Poster

£ 23.80

20 A3 Posters

£ 16.80

10 A3 Posters

£ 14.00

5 A3 Posters

£ 16.80

20 A4 Posters

5 A4 Posters

£ 7.00

10 A4 Posters

£ 11.20

Coronavirus Foamex - A4 / A3

As we continue to fight against this global pandemic we would like to make staying informed as easy as possible. Get your pre-designed signs at A3 and A4 sizes on 3mm thick foamex, simply select and order.

Style 1Style 2

£ 50.00

10 A3 Foamex Boards

£ 32.20

5 A3 Foamex Boards

£ 14.00

1 A3 Foamex Board

£ 44.03

10 A4 Foamex Boards

1 A4 Foamex Board

£ 9.80

5 A4 Foamex Boards

£ 26.60

£ 83.00

25 Anti-Slip Floor Vinyls

5 Anti-Slip Floor Vinyls

£ 22.00

10 Anti-Slip Floor Vinyls

£ 37.00

£ 234.00

10 x Bollard Covers

£ 120.00

5 x Bollard Covers

£ 101.00

4 x Bollard Covers

£ 89.00

3 x Bollard Covers

1 x Bollard Cover

£ 47.00

2 x Bollard Covers

£ 69.00

* All prices are excluding VAT.

* Delivery is included.

Need anything you don’t see ???

Just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help… there are a few more pre-designed options.

All normal printing is available… just drop us an email.

Also available…

Personalised vinyl printed face masks, mugs and clothing are available from quantities of 1 upwards.

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